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After many years working with addiction treatment in Scandinavia, we want to pass on invaluable knowledge to companies and organizations as well as to individuals. A complete solution when the addiction problem has taken over, and also reinforcement of the preventive work. We deliver lectures, counseling and knowledge, and work according to established methods based on proven experience.

What is the Addiction Disease?

The disease is characterized as a compulsery bond to things, experiences, phenomena and people. It developes as a bio/psycho/social syndrome. The disease is rebuilding the brain from what is normal. The unnormal has become the normal. It is a devastating disease that affects all areas in a persons life: physical, social, emotionally, mental, spiritual and lack of choice. The addiction can show many different symtoms, abuse of alcohol, amfetamine, cocaine, sex, gambling, sugar and many others. In the end it is the same disease, showing itself in different ways. It can also be described as a family disease, progressive, chronic and deadly but treatable.

How Widespread is the Problem?

Most people who get stuck in an addiction is to be found in the ordinary life. Maybe you meet them at the store, on the bus, at the office. You find them in all social categories and professions. But behind the facade is another reality.
It doesn't appear on the outside how a person is on the inside. Studies have found that in Sweden about 17% of the population is in a hazardous use of alcohol, and about 4% are addicted to alcohol. However, these are minimal estimates. The hidden abuse is not included.

What We Can Do

No-Addict works on the basis of the 12-step program with a cognitive approach.
We offer group and individual sessions including exercises, using approved tools and methods. We give lectures on complex areas that deal with all types of addiction that covers both addiction and co-addiction.